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From handmade jewellery to unique furniture, our shores boast a welth of craftsman and woman making quality products that last a lifetime.

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Sterling silver necklace and bracelet on Daily Telegraph

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THE SILVER CLUB does not generally copy pieces from the 18th century. We are not reproduction merchants but use the great number of traditional design idioms in an original way. It is these designs, which re-created by skilled craftsmen are still at the forefront today, having a timeless elegance which no modern design can hope to emulate. For example, when THE SILVER CLUB is making Octagonal shaped pieces, originated c. 1716-1718, we think ourselves into a situation working alongs...

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Modern shopkeepers

In recent years the shops have increasingly demanded cheaper goods as they themselves have undergone further radical transformation. The leading ones have been largely taken over by multiple stores dominated by a handful of financiers whose way is to bring a large volume of goods that can be readily obtained and are consistently identical. They are then dispensed in as close a way t...

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Trade costs
Pricing rests fundamentally on cost of production. In cost-conscious markets some shopkeepers attempt to present their goods as of better value than those of another. Apart from minor variations in retail distributor’s margin, they essentially attempt to justify this by claiming that the manufacturer’s goods they buy have, somewh...

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